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Hey there! Welcome to the weekly news of Brawl Stars…

Massive Update?

Brawl Stars might be receiving a massive update in the near future, or that is what it looks like.

Brawl Stars gave 10 Portuguese youtubers some hints of what is coming in the future, but it all seemed vague. It all is intentional, as it is some kind of puzzle which the team has prepared as it said “#enigma” which basically means mysterious or difficult to solve.

The clues translate to

1. Neon dominated the city

2. Social round was to gather friends in Diners

3. Floor of the cafeterias was checkered

4. Unglued galley met in the diners

5. Jukebox bombarded in the diners

6. Gel top was high

7. Time of Psychedelia

8. Chopper Bikes were everywhere

9. Women’s look was miniskirt and high boots

10. Clothing accessories and cars were colorful

Some of these can be translation fails but it all seems to be referencing a diner and early times. This could mean ANYTHING. A lot of speculations are Club Wars because at the moment, Clubs are just used for finding a partner to play with and nothing else. Players have been asking for Club Wars since the start of the game.

We have no clue what this could be, but one speculation is that it might be a new event or a battle pass. Supercell has introduced Season Pass, which is quite similar to Battle Pass, in Clash of Clans, a very successful mobile game, and this looks like a theme for the Battle Pass.

New Brawler?

Brawl Stars seems to be releasing a lot of new brawlers each month. We haven’t gotten any news on any new brawler for this month yet but there was this video which everyone thought that a new brawler was teased.

Although they are all puns but there was an album which said “Simon & Carlfunkel” with Brock and Carl on the poster, but there were speculations that “Simon” is a new brawler.

This all sparked because brawlers like Pam and Jessie, Rosa and Shelly are related, or they look similar. So, Simon could be related to Brock but this is all a theory.

New Event

The final news of this week includes a hint at new event, which was hinted by Frank, game lead of Brawl Stars.

Yesterday, Brawl Ball was repeated instead of Siege and Frank confirmed in this tweet that it is intentional.

He also gave the reason for it and it is some kind of event that the game is supporting. We don’t know what it is yet but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

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