New Update : What does it mean?

Brawl Stars just released an animation regarding the new update coming to the game.


The title of the video says “Welcome to Retropolis” which can mean an introduction of a new map or just a new environment.

But we have already seen an introduction of new environment before and it wasn’t this hyped, so this is something bigger than that.

Frank, the game lead for Brawl Stars, tweeted this, with #world. This could either mean that he just wanted to reach a bigger audience or he is referring to Retropolis as world.

New Brawler

In the video, when Colt enters the Diner, he is confronted by two of the familiar faces to the community, Bull and Crow, but there was one which left everyone talking.

The update seems to be taking us to the 1960’s with the Diner. And the new brawler also looks to be of that time period. It looks like the brawler is carrying a baseball bat which was really famous in the 60’s.

Also, the clues which were discussed in our last post seem to be related with the brawler. “Time of Psychedelia” was the use of psychedelic drugs which were used in 1960’s and it resulted in psychedelic rock. The brawler’s looks are very similar to that of a rockstar.


The use of diner, which we also discussed in the last post, is still left unclear in the newest video.

We can only take guesses of what it is, and by the looks of it, it seems to be a social place, or maybe a gang.

It feels like it is more of a gang because Bull, Crow and the 3rd Brawler, who ever that is, worked as a team to beat Colt, but these are just speculations.

Brawl Talk

The specific date for Brawl Talk is still not given but Supercell is common for releasing new content mid-week.

Our guess would be that the Brawl Talk will be released tomorrow and the update will arrive Tuesday.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Any feedback is appreciated.

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