Call Of Duty Mobile: Here’s How to Download

Call of Duty Mobile’s closed Beta has been released on 16th May, 2019.

The game is directly available on playstore for some pre registered members. Check it if it’s available for you here.

Unable to download it directly from playstore?

We got you alternate methods for downloading the game irrespective of the country you’re living in. At the moment, it is found that the game servers are working only in India. So you will need to use a VPN if you don’t live in India.

Here’s a list of Recommended VPN’s:

1. SafeVPN

2. FlyVPN

3. MelonVPN

4. TunnelBearVPN

You have to connect to India using a VPN.

Note: There’s no need of using a VPN if you’re living in India.

After setting up the VPN, install Tap Tap app.

You can directly install Call of Duty: Legends Of war from that app.

Common errors and their solutions:

Kindly read through all the procedures and instructions given for each error in order to help prevent this error.

1. “Authorization Error“This error is seen mainly due to the servers being offline. The servers are offline in some countries, so either use a VPN (SafeVPN or FlyVPN) to change your location to “India” and restart the game or wait patiently for the servers to coma back online.

2. “Network Unstable“This error is again due to servers being offline or your connection to the game lagging out. This can also happen due to high traffic in the server, please try connecting again after a couple of minutes. If the error persists, try using a VPN (SafeVPN or FlyVPN) to set your location to “India” and check whether the error is dealt with.

3. “This device does not meet the minimum requirements

This error clearly states that your device isn’t capable of running the game comfortably. The minimum requirements happen to be either Snapdragon 625 with Adreno 506 and above or Mediatek Helio P23 with MALI G71 and above or Kirin 960 with MALI G71 and above and at least 3GB of RAM. These set of requirements isn’t consistent.since users with lower specifications were also able to play the game, but if your device has specifications around those values mentioned, then you should be more than able to play the game.


1. The game requires at least 4- 5 GB of free storage to be able to download game assets and other stuff.

2. All the data of your profile gets erased once the Beta ends.

3. All the players who play this version, will get 5000 CP coins in game.

4. Kindly share your feedback regarding the game here.

PS: Thanks to Call Of Duty : Mobile discord server for providing all this information. Join their discord server here.

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